Heritage Hotels in India

taj mahalWhen it comes to visiting a foreign country, you want to enjoy the experience of fully immersing yourself into the local culture. The sights and sounds of a new place add to the excitement of getting out and about. When you’re visiting a new place, you want to be sure you’re staying at some of the finest hotels available. If you’re going to take a look at the Taj Mahal or visit one of the hundreds of amazing sites in India, you’ll want to know about Heritage Hotels.

How Many Heritage Hotels Are There In India?

First of all, Heritage Hotels are extremely common throughout the populous country. In fact, there are over 370 and counting. The designs vary immensely depending on where you are staying in the country. If you’re in the middle of a city and popular tourist spot your Heritage Hotel might literally be a palace. If you’re visiting the northern part of the nation you may find yourself in a beautiful mansion or home on the outskirts of a nearby town.

In other words, when you think about Heritage Hotels, you shouldn’t have a one size fits all image the way many hotel chains are in the United States. Heritage Hotels are no Holiday Inn or Budget Inn – each one has its unique design and offers a unique lodging experience.

Fantastic Service:

The one thing that stays the same: a dedication to quality service and a welcome environment that makes you feel right at home – even when home is thousands of miles away.

Even better for the traveler who wants to dive right in, many of these Heritage Hotel locations have contacts with local guides, local tours, and can help you craft your version of an ideal Indian vacation. You won’t have to worry about finding professionals you can trust because they can help arrange virtually any type of tour or package that you’re looking for.

How’s that for remarkable service?

Whether you’re looking for top notch luxury to visit the Indian subcontinent in style, or if you love the idea of staying in formal colonial homes that have been preserved and turned into local small hotels, you will find options that fit every single preference and each and every single need you might have.

Wonderful Memories:

A vacation is one of these places is a thing to cherish — some people have even been known to take pictures of these hotels, and put them on something like custom made phone cases, so that they can look at them all the time! Heritage Hotels are a fantastic choice for anyone, whether on their first visit to India or a long time fan coming back for yet another unforgettable vacation.

Exploring Heritage Properties Around The World

For many of us, living in a nice home isn’t enough, we want a home with history and that tells us a story each and every time we walk in the door. No matter where we live in the world we can appreciate the history that comes with well preserved properties and the value of maintaining these properties throughout the ages. Many of us even choose to stay within these historical properties when we travel so that we can learn more about them as well. This is one of the reasons that being able to find heritage properties around the world is so important to us and why we choose to seek them out.

These properties call to people who love them and entice us in with their rich history, original construction, and well maintained updates. They seem to fuse the past with the present and allow us to be transported through time to a place where things were simpler, clothing was more ornate, and where we feel a sense of belonging. To wander these halls is to walk in the footsteps of great men and women and to live as these did, even if it only for a few days. This historical pull is one of the biggest reasons that we choose to explore the world through sites that are often ignored by the rest of the world. Certain places, like India, are particularly rich in such heritage properties.

heritage home

Aside from the historical pull, these homes are often very ornate, offer a high level of service, and come with amazing districts that surround them as well. They are often one of the best ways to experience the true culture of a region and to understand the history that goes into many modern decisions. These properties are always well maintained and offer a perfect vacation completely away from the world that we know. Why wouldn’t we want to take a vacation surrounded by elegance, great food, history, and a beauty that only days gone past can offer. No one can be unmoved by the timeless elegance of historical buildings.

To explore heritage properties around the world is to explore the past and the present as intertwined threads that can never be separated. We step out of the future and live with spirits of the past while watching the influence of the future pass over these hidden gems. We explore the beauty of a region and see it from all sides rather than only see the modern and cold aspects that are being presented.